Student Support Services

All staff at ASOC are available to provide general advice, assistance and support with matters such as studying, assessment, accommodation, English language problems and counselling. Students requiring special or intensive assistance must contact a student support officer who may refer them to external support services if required. ASOC will offer reasonable support to overseas students to enable them to achieve expected learning outcomes regardless of the overseas student’s place of study or the mode of study of the course, at no additional cost to the overseas student. However, students might have to pay the fee charged by the external services.

ASOC will facilitate access to learning support services consistent with the requirements of the course, the mode of study and the learning needs of the student or student cohorts. Australian School of Commerce has documented processes that it implements for supporting these processes.

Student Support Officer has been appointed to be the point of contact for students who require support. Student Support Officer will have up-to-date details of the Australian School of Commerce’s support services. All administration and academic staff will provide student support in their respective areas to assist the student.



Student Support Officer


Contact: 1300 781 194


All students who require support can contact ASOC’s student support officer through email, phone or face-to-face contact. Student support services will be available for students at all times.

Students can fill up a “Student Support Request Form” to mention the support they require in detail.


The support staff and initial contact person on campus are:

Table 1: Support staff and initial contact person on campus.



Phone no


Emergency Health, safety and security, critical incident.



1300 781 194

(Office hours)



(for after hours)


(In case of life threating emergency, CALL 000)

Academic support

(including catch up classes, academic progress, attendance, LLN Support, intervention)

Trainer/Training Manager


1300 781 194

First aid, student’s health and safety

Administration Manager/ Student Support 


1300 781 194

Complaints & Appeals

Administration Manager/Training Manager/Student Support 


1300 781 194

Administration Matters (including enrolment, orientation, deferral, results, Refunds)

Administration Manager/Training Manager/Student Support Officer/Accounts Officer


1300 781 194

LLN support

Administration Manager/Trainers Student Support 

1300 781 194


Administration Manager/ Student Support 

1300 781 194

Counselling support

Internal: Student support officer

External: Counsellor

(Administration department is to be contacted for arranging an appointment with the Counsellor at no additional cost).

1300 781 194

English Language Support and LLN Support

If students do not meet the recommended English and LLN requirements, students will be referred for additional support to be provided by the school or students will be asked to take further Language, literacy and numeracy training, such as ELICOS programs. ASOC will provide support and guidance to students who are facing difficulty in English or LLN. Students are requested to meet Student Support Office to seek guidance and/or support.  Appropriate strategies will be implemented to assist the students with their learning. Additional support will be provided by the School with ACSF Support plan. Refer to LLN policy or Student Support and Welfare Policy for more details.